336 Squadron 'Olympos' tailmark


® Aviation Project designed the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) 336 Squadron 'Olympos' tailmark.


We are proud to present photos of "the making of" process and the final result of Hellenic Air Force (HAF) 336 Squadron 'Olympos' F-16 Block 52+ Advanced tailmark, as performed on Squadron's fleet.



  • The tailmark has to depict Mount Olympos (aka Olympus) exlcusively and in a 3-Dimensional approach.
  • The tailmark has to be designed under the "maximum possible contrast". That is the reason behind the selection of black & white colours and according to first aerial photos that is acheived in the best possible way.




The tailmark depicts the long history of 336 Squadron since 1943.

Each one of the peaks of Mount Olympos symbolizes the different aircraft types that served 336 Squadron, in chronological order. The summit in the center corresponds to the spearhead of Hellenic Air Force, i.e. the F-16 Block 52+ Advanced, the jet aircraft currently serving 336 Squadron. The following list contains the rest of the aircraft types :

  • Hurricane-IIB/IIC
  • Spitfire VB/VC/IX/XVI
  • SB2C-5 Helldiver
  • F-84G
  • F-84F
  • F-104G Starfighter
  • A-7H/E / TA-7C Corsair

See the blueprint alike image describing the 336 Squadron 'Olympos' tailmark concept.



The tailmark was painted using military grade satin black & white colours sprayed over stencil layers.




This presentation, the original artwork and contained photographs are protected by Greek and European copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of the above mentioned material without written permission of the coyright holder is prohibited. All rights Reserved.


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We would like to specially thank HAF 336 Squadron 'Olympos' Commander, as well as the artwork team members and of course the rest of Squadron's personnel for their trust and precious help!!!




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