You want to order your customized ©Aviation Project design but you do wonder how then this is the right place to learn how to initiate a communication with us. 


Send us information and requirements of your new ©Aviation Project. Information could be some or all of the following:

  • The occasion/anniversary and generally the purpose of the design
  • The history and emblems of your squadron/unit
  • An idea for the final design if already available
  • Information on the desired format of products (patches, t-shirts, mugs etc) 


Given the input by STEP 1 above we will provide you a draft design and then we will proceed until you are satisfied by the artistic result. Design is performed with Vector graphics drawing software which means that the output format can be then used for any kind of usage.

After finalizing the design in STEP 2 we will help you out in discovering the manufacturer that fits your specific personal needs based on the desired quality, your continent or finnancial capabilities. We will follow up the procedure feeding you and the manufacturer back with details and even change the design if needed.



For your new ©Aviation Project you can contact us directly via e-mail. Please list your needs and requirements and send us a message towards :



If you already have  an idea or even a draft hand-made design about your ©Aviation Project then you can use the form below to send us further information and specific requirements using an image. You can attach a picture which in that case should be in one of the most popular formats: jpg, jpeg, png or bmp and maximum size can be up to 1 MB.



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