New 336 Squadron designed by Aviation Project

New Hellenic Air Force 336 Squadron designed by ©Aviation Project​.

We are honored to announce the design of the new emblem on behalf of 336 Squadron that opens a new era!


The proposal was based on the existing emblem of 336 Squadron, with changes to individual elements: A. Eagle & B. Mountain Olympus :

A. Eagle
For the eagle we referred to the relevant literature. In the National Park Olympus the golden eagle (Genus: Aquila Species: Chrysaetos) is met so the eagle modeled after studying this specific kind of eagle with extra attention into the detail. The posture of eagle's body indicates an aggressive move signaling the transition to a new type of aircraft (F-16M Block 52+). The pair of wings both form conceivable the latin letter V, the universal symbol for Victory.

B. Mountain Olympus
Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece mainly known for its mythological framework since its top was the home place for the Twelve Gods according to religion of the ancient Greeks. The mountain became larger in comparison with the old emblem. The snow area also increased towards a more realistic representation. Shades and luminance was added to a representation of the natural sun light on the mountain.

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